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Former UK gliding instructor Malcolm Belcher built MDB, and demonstrates an angle of climb usually only achieved with the aid of a winch. Top picture: L-R: Ian Sowman, Wendy Milne, Brian Mackie, Ken McKee, Cliff Johnston, Malcolm Belcher and Trevor Doig. Photograph courtesy of Hawke’s Bay Today

The Hawke’s Bay Microlight Club is based at Hastings Airport (Bridge Pa) just outside that city. The airfield is owned and operated by the Hawke’s Bay and East Coast Aero Club.

Membership is a mix of aircraft owners, home-builders and ground-based enthusiasts who just enjoy the social side of belonging. Some are based at Hastings, but there’s a small contingent whose aeroplanes live just up the road, at Hawke’s Bay Airport in Napier.

We’re also close to the Central Hawke’s Bay Aero Club in Waipukurau – and its CFI, Ross Macdonald. Many owe a debt of gratitude to Ross, who acted as flying instructor when training facilities for microlighters in Hastings were non-existent. Ross trains microlight pilots in CHBAC’s Rans 6 tail-dragger.

In late 2012, HB and EC Aero Club became the proud owner of a Tecnam Echo. It is proving popular, as newcomers and club members recognise the cost-effectiveness of this aircraft for microlight students and qualified pilots. In 2013 the fleet was increased with the purchase of a Rans S6 trike.

Our microlight club is fortunate to have these two established aero clubs nearby, and we enjoy cordial relations with both of them.

The microlight club meets on the last Sunday of each month at 10am in the HB and EC Aero Club’s HQ at Bridge Pa – unless the weather is good and there’s not much business, in which case everyone goes flying instead. Feel free to turn up unannounced. If we’re not there, we’re flying to somewhere else. In the last year, we’ve had safety topic discussions and presentations at the end of general business which have proven¬†extremely popular, led by our instructor Mads Slivsgaard.

Committee Contacts:


PositionNamePhone number
President John White06 855 8354
Vice PresidentKen McKee06 843 0327
SecretaryIan Sowman06 844 1090
TreasurerLynne White06 855 8354
Club CaptainTrevor Doig06 877 4899
Committee Member / WebmasterCherie Sowman022 044 1970
CFI / Safety OfficerMax Dixon06 879 6461
InstructorMads Slivsgaard027 511 7317

Credits: The club thanks everyone who helped to build this website, in particular:

Peter Scott of www.abovehawkesbay.co.nz for his brilliant aerial photography

Milo of Munich in Germany, internationally acclaimed for her creative graphics and

Ken McKee – for checking the facts


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