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2019 Christmas Party

Every year about November we have our Microlight Club “Welcome to Summer” Microlight Club barbeque. It is traditionally held in the hangar of ZZD, this year is the ninth held. This year it was on very warm evening enabling to doors to be left wide open for a flow out onto the grass.
What a great evening it was. Nearly thirty had arrived, about normal. Mostly microlighters but a smattering of GA friends from the Hastings Aero Club graced us with their presence. By invitation of course. It was our usual “cook your own meat” affair on the two barbeques and then tuck in to the pot luck table. Everyone bought a plate, or a dish, or a bowl or a packet. There were grapes, potato chips, and nuts for starters. Then a colourful array of salads and vegetables with an assortment of nibbly pie things, followed by deserts of all the fattening stuff that we aren’t usually allowed to eat. And to compliment it was a ginormous pavlova from Takapau. I believe twelve chooks happily donated the eggs. Next week will be a “back to the diet week” for many.
This all followed an hour or so of tippling of our favourite beverages, BYO of course, so the evening got louder and more jovial as the night wore on.
Conversations ranged from submarining under the North Pole to high altitude spy planes, and just about everything else in-between. Some conversations even ventured into the secrets of Team New Zealand’s new boat, the host hangar been a yachty in his earlier life. All this went on while ZZD looked forlornly on parked some distance from the hot fires patiently waiting to be let in.
There being very little appreciation of the hosts music the stereo remained off until later in the evening, surprisingly it didn’t hurry anyone away as the party went on until only darkness forced the wind down. Then barbeques were extinguished, the debris bagged, chairs and plates loaded into cars and farewells made.
All in all, another great night.
Trevor Doig.

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