Welcome! You’ve landed in Hawke’s Bay

Well, you would have, but for this heap of clag. At this point, you are around 3500 ft, just west of Te Waka, and Napier lies somewhere underneath the clouds to the far right. Hopefully, the coast will be clear when you approach Hawke’s Bay. You will have come to the right place for a great range of scenic flying delights in a surprisingly small area, plus a large choice of ground-based experiences.

Right base 34

Looking good… and almost with us. You are above the city centre. Join right base for Napier 34. Pictures by Peter Scott

You will be in good company, because Hawke’s Bay was not only the place of early aviation in New Zealand – today, it’s home to some of the most enthusiastic and friendly microlight pilots you could drop in on, anywhere in our country.

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