Cyclone Gabrielle and Subsequently


On 14 February cyclone Gabrielle struck with resulting catastrophes in Hawkes Bay. Hastings airfield suffered some flooding affecting the southern area for the first time in history. The airfield was set up as an evacuation and supply centre resulting in much traffic for some weeks. Restrictions due to flooding were lifted in late March.

There has been exceptionally heavy rainfalls in Hawkes Bay  since the above event, resulting in surface flooding of the Hastings and Waipukurau airfields over the past months.

The resulting very high water tables have caused the Waipukurau airfield to be closed several times and restricted many times.

Also the southern part of the Hastings airfield has experienced the worst flooding in living memory. This has brought water into some southern hangars, prevented access to all hangars there and restricted the use of numerous grass areas, at times.






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