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Porangahau. Don’t land!

10 22

There’s a perfectly good airstrip a few hundred metres from this beach…

It could get tricky in there…

10 22

The Dome, near Patoka, a place that can quickly turn your life upside down

Backyard to blue yonder…

10 14

Ian Sowman built this Subaru-powered Zodiac in his Napier garage

Where the air is fresh…

10 5

… and there’s plenty of it!

Welcome to our Bay…

07 29
Te Waka

A major feature is Te Waka, west of Napier (which is somewhere under those clouds)

Mount Ruapehu

09 13

Active volcano and highest peak in the North Island, seen from Tecnam Super Echo KMA

Ruahine Corner…

07 15

Not for the faint-hearted pilot (or pet – unless it’s Damon Wise’s dog named Sue)


07 15

… as seen from Tecnam Sierra KFA